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Undertaker Comments On WWE’s Underwhelming Draft

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On his Patreon page, The Undertaker shared his thoughts on the 2024 WWE Draft, highlighting both positives and areas for improvement.

Taking a critical look at the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, The Deadman expressed his views on various aspects of the Draft, including the frequency of commercial breaks and overall presentation.

Running from April 26 to April 29, this year’s Draft saw WWE bringing in several legends to announce the picks. Despite the star-studded affair, the Draft results received mixed reviews from fans, with many lamenting the lack of significant changes to the brands.

Acknowledging some positive elements of the Draft’s presentation, The Undertaker also noted areas where improvements could have been made. One such suggestion was the introduction of brand-to-brand trades, which he believed would have added an extra layer of excitement to the event.

Here’s what The Phenom said:

“You know what it missed for me? I want to see some deals made right. You know what I’m saying? Like a lot of teams, they want a quarterback. They trade up or they trade down.

That would, to me, be more compelling to watch. You’re expecting your fan base to watch two nights of TV content. And I mean, to be completely honest, there wasn’t a whole lot of change really.

It’s difficult to get everyone placed right. You got to get everyone placed where they’re supposed to be moving forward, and I can tell they’re making efforts to do that.

The way the Draft is promoted. I just think there needs to be some more something like you said drama, something needs to happen big where people get hooked.”

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