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The Undertaker Makes Rare Public Appearance, Former WCW Wrestler Talks About Raw Wrestler Rushing Things In The Ring, Importance Of Backstage Segments During PPVs

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Former WCW Wrestler Talks About Raw Wrestler Rushing Things In The Ring, Importance Of Backstage Segments During PPVs

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WCW wrestler Vito LoGrasso discussed TLC 2017 along with co-host Jeff Lane. Below are their thoughts on backstage segments at PPVs and the Jason Jordan – Elias angle:

On the importance of backstage segment on PPVs:

Jeff: Next we had Miz and the company with a little backstage pre-match talk for the evening. And I feel like this is something that WWE has kind of gotten away from, where they build up more stuff during the actual pay-per-view to the main event. So we see things throughout the night with the participants building that excitement.

Not that I’m saying that this was an exciting backstage segment by any means but I liked at least seeing something with these guys backstage whether rather than just having match match match match match in the show.

Vito: They gotta have some interaction with the people and give them some anticipation. They have to bring something to the table to show the participants. That was a good little segment. It showed Miz being his me me me self. Sheamus and Cesaro were just looking on Braun Strowman, Kane.

I mean they all came together, they all played their part. It was a good little backstage promo. You can’t take away nothing from that. It brought anticipation to the end of the night.

On the angle between Jason Jordan & Elias:

Jeff: Next was the first of 3 Elias’ performances building a very brief angle here to lead to a match with Jason Jordan. I’m guessing they’re laying out the card and they were short so they needed to add a match. So they did this stuff. So we have Elias trying to perform and Jason Jordan comes out and throws vegetables at him. Thoughts on this?

Vito: It was a card filler. They needed to get some time in there. I guess the roster’s a lot more thinner than what we think and believe it is.

You know…. for AJ Styles to come over and do a match with Finn Balor and for the guys who were on the show, having three women’s matches and doing these segments, I guess it needed to be done. It was a card filler. Nothing great. As far as an angle, I guess we’ll get that out when the match comes.

Jeff: Looking at Jason Jordan, just the way he comes off on-screen, I don’t know if it’s his enunciation of what he’s saying or if it’s the smirk on his face, but I look at this guy and he just looks like a heel, like that guy you wouldn’t like. And I don’t think he’s coming across well as a babyface. Is that just me?

Vito: No. I said it a long time ago. He just doesn’t have that believable style when he’s in the ring. He works too fast and he’s not believable in what he’s doing. He rushes so much. He’s trying to get a million things in a little bit of time.

Even when he cuts his promos, he comes off like he’s trying to be cocky. He’s not being natural. He’s trying to play this character instead of being himself and that’s where he’s killing himself and it’s not coming across great.

The Undertaker Makes Rare Public Appearance

Below is what WWE posted about The Undertaker’s recent rare public appearance:

Ric Flair and The Undertaker attend Atlanta screening of ESPN’s “30 for 30: Nature Boy” documentary

“Woo! “The Nature Boy” is stylin’ and proflin’ on the red carpet once again.

Ahead of the highly anticipated Nov. 7 world premiere of ESPN’s “30 for 30: Nature Boy” documentary, Ric Flair and The Undertaker were both in attendance for a special screening hosted at Regal Cinemas in Atlanta, Georgia.

For Flair, the remarkable appearance comes just over two months since he was hospitalized and underwent extensive surgery. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer has impressively battled back as he continues to recover from his medical issues.

Joining Flair at the screening was none other than The Deadman himself, making a rare public showing in order to pay tribute to the 16-time World Champion.

The “30 for 30: Nature Boy” documentary, which takes an inside look at Flair’s triumphs, tragedies and his role as a pioneer in sports-entertainment, will premiere worldwide Tuesday, Nov. 7, at 10 p.m. ET on ESPN.”

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