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The Undertaker Returning To WWE Programming This Week To Kick Off His WrestleMania 33 Program

We have noted before how The Undertaker might be making his return to WWE programing on tonight’s FastLane 2017 PPV.

However, PWInsider is now reporting that there’s fairly good chance that The Undertaker might make his return on tomorrow night’s post-FastLane 2017 edition of Raw.

But it should be noted that Braun Strowman is scheduled to defeat Roman Reigns tonight at FastLane 2017, but it isn’t expected to be a clean finish. There were plans for The Undertaker to distract Reigns in some way for Strowman to capitalize and stay undefeated. This would then result in The Undertaker beginning his WrestleMania 33 program with “The Guy”.

It will be interesting to see how Strowman defeats Reigns without any external factor.

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