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Undertaker Reveals His Mount Rushmore Of “The Little Dudes”

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On his Six Feet Under podcast, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker said he had some of his best matches with smaller wrestlers:

“Some of these guys I had classic matches with. I always preferred working with the smaller guys. I always felt like I could tell the better story with the big guy against the little guy, but it takes somebody special to be able to work against somebody my size.”

He then revealed his Mount Rushmore of “the little dudes”. This is funny because the names Undertaker listed were all legitimate heavyweights during their prime (AJ Styles and Eddie Guerrero were cruiserweight early in their career, but packed on a lot of size years later), but almost everyone is small in front of The Phenom!

You can check out his list below:

4. AJ Styles

“I’ve never seen him have a bad match. Like I said, I was always a fan and I was so excited when he came to the WWE, just a phenomenal talent, he is what he says he is, he is ‘The Phenomenal One’. He brings his A-game every single time.”

3. Chris Benoit

“I didn’t get enough chances to work with him. I worked with him a few times and had some really, really outstanding matches with him; I didn’t know when I worked with Chris that I needed to put my track shoes on because it was going to be go time.”

2. Kurt Angle

“Just an incredible talent. Backstage interviews, I mean, he had it all. He had a personality; he was a ring technician. He could go. I have so many fond memories of the matches that I had with Kurt.

Just one of those guys that was a pleasure to get in the ring with and just turn it loose and let it go. And you knew that Kurt Angle was going to be right there and pushing the pace.”

1. Eddie Guerrero

“Eddie could work with a broom and make it a good match. He had the ability to keep people mesmerized, not only by his athleticism and wrestling acumen but just the things that he did. His promos were on point. He knew how to make fun of himself; he knew how to get heat; he knew how to be a babyface.

He was the epitome of the undersized wrestler. Lie, cheat, and steal. Eddie did it all, and he is my number one on Mark Calaway’s Mount Rushmore of the little dudes.”

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