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Undertaker Reveals The One Thing That Still Bothers Vince McMahon

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On his Six Feet Under podcast, WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker revealed that Vince McMahon still brings up how he’s disappointed with the fact that “Big Evil” didn’t do the Spinaroonie in the ring.

Here’s what Taker said:

“It comes up quite a bit. It burns his a$$. Let me just say this, he’s ribbed me on so many occasions, and he’s got me really good, but he never got me to do that Spinaroonie.

That’s the only carrot that I can hang on his head. As silly as that sounds, that bothers him.

I mean, he’s the boss, right? He gets everything that he wants, and the fact that he couldn’t get me to do the Spinaroonie, I think he lays awake at night thinking about it.

Like, ‘I couldn’t get him to do it,’ and it was a great effort to try.”

After the August 12, 2002 episode of RAW went off the air, Booker T, Triple H, The Rock & Vince McMahon encouraged The Undertaker to do the spinaroonie, but The American Badass didn’t do it.

Taker said the following about Booker T swerving him on that night during an interview with Chris Van Vliet:

“Booker T swerved me. We’ve been doing this same match after TV tapings that was our advertised dark match.

We’ve been doing it for weeks, and every night I’d get on there and say, ‘Let’s have Booker do a Spinaroonie’, everybody go crazy.

Well, Booker gets the microphone one night and completely swerved me, which was all set up. Vince was in on it, everybody was in on it.”

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