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Undertaker Reveals What His Name Was As A Backyard Wrestler

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On an episode of “Six Feet Under,” WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker shared fascinating insights into his early days as a backyard wrestler and reflected on the transformation of wrestling into a mainstream phenomenon during the Attitude Era. Here are some highlights from the interview:

On Starting as a Backyard Wrestler

The Undertaker, known for his towering presence in the ring, began his wrestling journey in the most humble of settings: backyard wrestling.

“I got my start in backyard wrestling,” he revealed. “It was — I looked like Andre the Giant compared to the guys I was in the ring with. They were all guys that were never gonna go anywhere. They would be great in this day and age because there’s a smaller wrestling base, I guess. These guys were teeny tiny, and there was just me, I’m 6’8” and 320 pounds. I just looked like Andre compared to everybody else. But back then, whenever you got an opportunity to get in the ring, whatever it was.”

On His Early Wrestling Persona

The Undertaker also shared a humorous anecdote about his first wrestling persona and the attire that went along with it.

“My name was Powerhouse,” he said with a laugh. “And of course, I had a Powerhouse Gym t-shirt. I was living the gimmick. I think it was even pink, too. That was before I had calmed my colors down.”

On Wrestling’s Mainstream Breakthrough During the Attitude Era

Reflecting on the Attitude Era, The Undertaker discussed how this period marked a significant shift in wrestling’s popularity and visibility.

“It’s crazy, because the Attitude Era was like the first time in my career, like I would see people that had their wrestling shirts on in public,” he recalled. “People would wear their wrestling shirts to the shows, or they would have them. But you just didn’t see them like a concert shirt or whatever else. But man, during the Attitude Era, all you saw was Austin 3:16, and then you know, obviously Rock and then everybody came along. But you’re right, it was those shirts.”

The Undertaker’s reflections provide a fascinating glimpse into the early challenges and eventual triumphs that defined his legendary career. From his humble beginnings in backyard wrestling to witnessing wrestling’s explosion into mainstream culture, his journey is a testament to the enduring appeal and evolution of professional wrestling.

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