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Update On Impact Wrestling – Hardy Boyz “Cease & Desist” Case Regarding The “Broken” Gimmick

Hardy Boyz

As we noted before, Impact Wrestling has sent a fifteen page cease & desist letter to the Hardy Boyz to stop using their “Broken” gimmick as they feel they own that gimmick, not the Hardy Boyz.

Dave Meltzer noted that Impact Wrestling doesn’t want to block the gimmick, but wants a percentage of revenue generated from the “Broken” gimmick from this point forward.

This would mean that if the Hardy Boyz return to WWE with the “Broken” gimmick, then WWE might have to give a percentage of the revenue generated from their merchandising.

Speaking of the Hardy Boyz, they are currently in Ring of Honor Wrestling and are the current ROH Tag Team Champions.

The Hardy Boyz win ROH Tag Team Titles

The Hardy Boyz win ROH Tag Team Titles

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