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Update On AEW Trying To Bring In X-Pac

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During a recent interview on the WrestleBinge podcast, Old School WWF Legend Billy Gunn revealed that his current employer All Elite Wrestling tried to bring in his DX buddy X-Pac (real name: Sean Waltman) on multiple occasions.

Here’s what the 1999 King of the Ring had to say about possibly teaming up with Waltman in AEW:

“I don’t know if that’s the thing right now, because I think you’d be hard-pressed to get Tony to get me away from The Acclaimed right now.

No, I mean, it would be great. I think we’ve tried to get Sean in here a couple of times. Things just didn’t work out.

I think if the time’s right, I think he would be a great asset because he still has huge popularity, everybody knows him, and he’s such a good guy that he would not only help the younger talent as well as be a good representative for our company.

He’d be amazing if we could get him in here.”

In an update on this situation, the Wrestling Observer reported that AEW contacted X-Pac in 2022 for a one-off appearance:

“They did exist, but it was last year. It’s not something current. He was last talked to in October and in May of last year. They could call again, but it’s not something that’s currently being talked about. It’s something that happened.

We didn’t even hear about it at the time. Never got very far. It was never on paper. At different points, there was an idea for a singular appearance that some people do on television, not for a full–time deal. Maybe something to play off Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed or something.

Right now, nothing to anything. Obviously, with a phone call that could change, but it isn’t anything that there has been any talk since October in that direction.”

For his runs with the World Wrestling Federation as The 1-2-3 Kid / X-Pac (1993-1996 & 1998-2002) and World Championship Wrestling as Syxx (1996-1997), Sean Waltman is considered a legend in this business and is already a 2-time WWE Hall of Famer after being inducted as a member of D-Generation X in 2019 and as a member of the new World order in 2021.

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