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Update On Brock Lesnar & Bobby Lashley After Elimination Chamber 2023

Brock Lesnar Went Off-Script After Bobby Lashley Pod Selection Elimination Chamber 2022 WrestleFeed App

• Update On Brock Lesnar & Bobby Lashley After Elimination Chamber 2023

As seen at last night’s Elimination Chamber 2023 premium live event, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley competed in a their 3rd singles match against each other.

After back & forth action, Lashley put Lesnar in the Hurt Lock and The Beast couldn’t break it or find a way out of it.

This led to Brock hitting Bobby with a low-blow, which resulted in The All Mighty winning the match via DQ.

After the match, Lesnar delivered multiple F5s to the Referee and Lashley.

According to Fightful Select, this feud will continue, but their 4th match isn’t scheduled to take place at WrestleMania 39 as of this writing:

“If you couldn’t tell, the Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley feud is to continue down the line, but we were told it wasn’t ‘locked in’ for Mania.”

On Friday’s SmackDown, Bray Wyatt said the winner of Lesnar vs. Lashley should “run”, thus indicating that he’ll be going after the winner.

Since Lashley won the match, it could be possible that WWE books Bray Wyatt vs. Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39.

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• On This Day In Pro Wrestling History (February 19, 1968) – Old School Wrestling Legend Passed Away

On this day in 1968, we lost Old School Wrestling Legend “The Russian Lion” George Hackenschmidt at the age of 90 due to a Sepsis.

Born in Estonia, George Hackenschmidt became one of the first big names in professional wrestling history and quite a few historians actually consider him to have been one of the best of all time.

Hackenschmidt became the first ever recognized World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion in 1905, a championship that was the official precursor of what later became the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

The famous “hack squat” exercise was actually named after him.

In 2016, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of their annual Legacy Wing inductions.


August 1, 1877 – February 19, 1968

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