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Update On How The Chris Jericho – CM Punk Meeting Went

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• Update On How The Chris Jericho – CM Punk Meeting Went

CM Punk is scheduled to return to AEW programming in the coming months and he had a meeting with Chris Jericho (who is a locker room leader in All Elite Wrestling) last week to put their issues aside.

PWTorch discussed this situation and also Punk’s appearance backstage at RAW.

Below are the highlights:

CM Punk showing up at RAW in Chicago:

“Sounds like Punk didn’t just show up cold. He was on a flight with some people and, connecting dots only here, some people made it seem the idea entered Punk’s head based on his interactions with WWE people on that flight that maybe he’d be welcome or it’d be a good idea to visit RAW.

It sounds like Tony Khan was not given a heads up on this. The indications point towards Punk just kind of did this with the idea ostensibly being it’s not a big deal.

It’s just that he wanted to say hi to some friends when they’re in Chicago. Part of me just thinks this is going to kind of blow over as a non-factor in the big picture trajectory of Punk in AEW.”

The CM Punk – Chris Jericho meeting:

“I heard the meeting took place with Jericho and FTR. I think it was supposed to be on Friday. That might have been why he was in Tampa and I just heard from one source that it went well.”

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February 26, 1926 – April 27, 2015

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