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Update On Former WWF Champion’s Health After Suffering A Concussion

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving WWF Legends Mick Foley and Matt Hardy.

• In a recent update, WWF Legend Mick Foley shared insights into his health journey, shedding light on his contemplation of returning to the ring for a final match on his 60th birthday. Foley, known for his legendary wrestling career marred by injuries, disclosed that despite his initial plans, he has decided against the comeback due to a recent concussion.

The former WWF Champion, who has been candid about his health struggles, revealed that the concussion prompted a reevaluation of his priorities. Despite feeling better now, Mick emphasized the importance of prioritizing his well-being over further grappling with the challenges posed by age and physical strain.

Here’s what the former Cactus Jack had to say:

“Hello everyone this is Mick Foley with a concussion update. You might be able to tell by the tone of my voice it’s good news. Really good news even going into this weekend when I resumed my work schedule I was a little out of it but over the next three days wow really felt the fog lifting it’s kind of like coming to the surface after you’ve been swimming underwater.

I last had one of these minor concussions 6 years ago after riding a roller coaster they shipped me from side to side and now following this episode, I decided that I am no longer going to be taking on the deadly duo of father time and mother nature because they commenced a kicking my butt and it’s not a rematch I’m looking to have so I’m really happy that in a weird way that I had this little wake up call.

I really appreciate all the well wishes. People sent me. People concerned about me. I’m doing really good. Always appreciate your support. In case you’re wondering about this shirt. It is a custom shirt featuring my dog. Bernie that’s a nickname for Randall the dog named after Randy Orton. Just thought you’d like to know a little something to make your day nice.”

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• Fans speculate that WWF Tag Team Legend Matt Hardy, currently a free agent, might factor into Bo Dallas’ anticipated WWE return as Uncle Howdy, signaled by emerging QR code clues on WWE TV.

Recent RAW episodes intrigued fans with deliberate glitches and eerie music, setting a mysterious tone. This continued on social media with cryptic tweets swiftly deleted, and similar glitches and music on SmackDown.

This week’s RAW saw Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods entering a #1 contenders triple threat match for the new World Tag Team Championship, accompanied by another glitch displaying a QR code leading to overlapping message files. Though unconfirmed, these clues suggest Uncle Howdy’s return to WWE programming, as teased during the recent Bray Wyatt documentary.

Adding complexity, Matt Hardy shared a clip of the glitch and QR code, fueling speculation about his role in the unfolding narrative.

Matt posted another tease later:

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