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Update On RAW Wrestler Being Involved In A Lawsuit Over WWE Network Show

Titus O'Neil

• Original Finish Plan For SummerSlam 2018 Main Event Back On?

As seen on this week’s episode of RAW, “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns defeated Bobby Lashley in the main event of RAW to become the #1 contender for the Universal Championship and has now earned the right to face Brock Lesnar for the Title in the main event of SummerSlam 2018.

Reigns defeating Lashley clean in the #1 contenders match has now ruled out the rumors of WWE planning a triple threat match between Lesnar, Reigns and Lashley at SummerSlam 2018.

With Lesnar vs. Reigns IV being confirmed now, this brings us to the main point of this article – Is the original finish plan for the SummerSlam 2018 main event back on?

We noted last month (via the Dirty Sheets) that the plan for SummerSlam 2018 main event is Brock Lesnar defending the Universal Title against Roman Reigns. This leads to Reigns FINALLY defeating Lesnar to capture the Universal Title (and his 4th World Title overall). Braun Strowman would’ve then come out to cash-in his Money In The Bank contract and defeat Reigns to win the Universal Title.

Looking at how WWE is doing Lesnar vs. Reigns once again (as originally planned) and Dave Meltzer recently reporting that Strowman becoming the Universal Champion is almost a ‘lock’, it’s very much possible that the Universal Championship changes hands twice at SummerSlam 2018.

• Update On RAW Wrestler Being Involved In A Lawsuit Over WWE Network Show

RAW wrestler Titus O’ Neil appeared on an episode of Swerved on the WWE Network. An incident during the shoot happened which got Titus involved in a lawsuit.

The lawsuit itself stems from an episode of Swerved where Titus O’Neil had been struck with a cattle prod. O’Neil reportedly assaulted cameraman Donald Anderson, who had been filming everything taking place.

PWInsider reports that Anderson sued WWE and Titus over the prank as it left him assaulted. Titus had counter-sued Anderson for filming him being struck with the cattle prod without his knowledge.

A mediation conference has been ordered in the lawsuit and is set for 1/9/19 at 9:30 AM in Florida.

The next season of Swerved has not been confirmed by WWE. WWE will make a decision depending on the outcome of the lawsuit.

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