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Update On Rumors Of Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. CM Punk

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A match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk was teased over a decade ago, but it didn’t happen.

However, with Austin coming out of retirement at WrestleMania 38 and noting in interviews that he’s open to having more matches if the story is right, and Punk coming back to WWE at Survivor Series, it looks like this match could become a reality.

Here’s what Fightful Select reported about it:

“Upon CM Punk’s return to WWE this past Saturday, there were several in the company pushing for the possibility of CM Punk to take on Stone Cold Steve Austin. So much so, that we’re told that Punk even had discussions about the possibility.

As of now, we’re told many in WWE are hopeful and even optimistic that the match could finally be put together. One source in the company had indicated that many ideas have already been floated between CM Punk and WWE.

We have not heard how far along in talks, planning or pitches that this is, but that if all went well, the ideal scenario would see Punk flying to Austin to go over ideas. One source indicated that while that is the ‘ideal scenario’, there’s a lot to get through first.

Those close to Austin say that they’ve never heard him mention any personal issues that the two would need to get over, and actually indicated that they drop messages to each other a couple of times a year or so.”

In an update, the Wrestling Observer reported that WWE hasn’t reached out to Austin to pitch this match:

“As soon as that story came out, I heard from a bunch of people who were pretty close in, and they basically said, ‘Probably shouldn’t be doing that one or worrying about that one.’ Basically, it’s not anything that anyone’s talked about to any degree.

As of right now, he hasn’t been approached. He’s not in. I would just say it’s premature.”

Austin and Punk had a backstage segment on RAW back in 2011. They also promoted the WWE 13 video game together, along with Jim Ross.

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