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Update on Sting’s Injury, Hulk Hogan Says He Didn’t Deserve To Be Fired From WWE, Alberto Del Rio’s New WWE Salary

– During a recent interview on CBS Radio Dallas 105.3 THE FAN, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins gave an update on Sting’s injury. Rollins noted that “The Icon” is doing very well and is currently recovering at home. Rollins also talked about Sting appreciating his in-ring ability:

“It’s good to hear from him and I’m glad he actually had some really kind words to say about me as well, so I appreciate that coming from someone I looked up to quite a bit when I was younger.”

– During a recent interview with BANG Showbiz, WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan talked about his recent controversy and getting fired from WWE. Hogan said he didn’t deserve to be fired from the company. Below is what he said:
“It was business. I understand they’re a public company – and with a political correctness vibe in the air, I understand why they’ve removed all mentions of me. I don’t think they’re right, the WWE knows me better than anybody and they know I’m not racist. So I wish they had taken a different choice of action, such as suspension. This whole racist rant or these comments – not to make light of them – but the people who have been supportive of me look at them more like just a mess-up, or a bad day and they know that’s not me.”

– It should be noted that WWE has signed Alberto Del Rio to a $1.45 Million per year deal. This new contract states that Del Rio can finish off his scheduled Independent dates while being under WWE contract, and will be working a lighter WWE schedule compared to other full time WWE Superstars.

– It should be noted that lower level WWE talents have been complaining about having a hard time due to the road expenses, while the Top WWE Superstars don’t have to worry about it.

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