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Update On “Superstar” Billy Graham

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• Update On “Superstar” Billy Graham

WWE Hall Of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham has dealt with a lot of health problems over the years.

His recent health issues sound very serious. Here’s what his Facebook account’s admin posted:

“Let’s keep the champ in our prayers please. The following is a message I received from his wife, Valerie. Thank you, Mike (admin) God Bless you Billy!:

Lots of issues… MRI showed he has a very bad infection in his ears that has spread to the bones in his ears as well as an area of his skull… infectious disease doctor was just in trying to decide what antibiotics they’re going to start him on.

His electrolytes are still off… his low sodium is especially difficult to treat and they don’t know why at this point.

We need your prayers.”

Billy’s wife later provided the following update:

“Update from Billy’s wife Valerie:

I wanted to update you on Wayne’s progress as well as some issues.

The best news of the day is he breathed on his own all day long!!!! They are turning on the oxygen for the night to allow his body to rest. They are talking about possibly removing the breathing tube all together tomorrow …

One of the new issues is they had to start him on dialysis today. They said that when someone’s heart stops the first thing to shut down are the kidneys and his kidney function dropped significantly overnight so there’s that. But we’re praying this will be temporary.

The Doctor came in to explain to me how serious and severe the ear infection is with the infiltration of his inner ear bones and his skull. He made his concerns very clear, right now Wayne is on at least 7 different antibiotics. Please pray that this will resolve this infection 🙏🙏🙏

They tapped 1 litre of fluid off of his right lung so this will make breathing much easier ♥️

He spiked a temperature of 102.7 for the first time since he’s been in the hospital but that was early today and didn’t return ….another blessing
I’m sharing all of this so those of you who feel led to pray for him will know his specific needs. And again I can never thank you enough for your concern and most especially your prayers 🙏♥️♥️🙏

All things are possible with GOD and I believe with all my heart that HE is delivering my husband from all of this and he will be home with me where he belongs ♥️♥️♥️🙏🙏🙏

#WeWalkByFaithNotBySight #GodIsGoodAllTheTime #Grateful #ByHisStripesWayneIsHealed”

Graham, who is a former WWWF Heavyweight Champion, will turn 80 years old on June 7th.

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