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Update On What Vince McMahon Has Been Doing Since His Resignation

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Former WWE titan Vince McMahon finds himself in a new chapter of life as he navigates through a slew of legal troubles. Recent reports shed light on how McMahon is spending his time post-WWE, offering a glimpse into his lifestyle and connections.

According to insights from NBC News and CNBC, McMahon is maintaining his social circles and interests, including interactions with former US President Donald Trump. However, details on the nature of their discussions remain undisclosed.

Since stepping down from his leadership role in WWE, McMahon has distanced himself from company affairs, with no reported contact with current WWE executives. Despite his enduring association with the wrestling empire he built over four decades, McMahon appears to be moving forward independently.

While McMahon’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon, recently appeared at WWE’s WrestleMania 40 premium live event, she is reportedly not involved in company matters, suggesting a significant departure from the family’s longstanding involvement in WWE operations.

Sources close to McMahon reveal that he continues to pursue his interests outside of corporate responsibilities. Notably, McMahon recently returned from a trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands, accompanied by a litter of kittens and a puppy intended for adoption among his social circle.

Vince also took a trip to Italy recently.

Jessica Rosenberg, McMahon’s legal representative, refrained from commenting on specific aspects of his post-WWE life but dismissed the allegations presented in ongoing legal proceedings as “false, defamatory, and entirely without merit”.

Despite ongoing legal challenges, McMahon frequently travels from his luxurious residence in Connecticut to Manhattan, chauffeured by a private driver, as disclosed by a source familiar with his activities. In the city, he dines at various eateries with friends, including the renowned Italian restaurant Il Tinello East on 46th Street, maintains regular visits to his trusted barber for biweekly grooming sessions, and engages in fitness sessions with his personal trainer several times per week, according to the same source.

Among McMahon’s acquaintances, Trump emerges as a notable figure with whom he maintains regular communication. While their conversations remain undisclosed, the longstanding relationship between the two billionaires dates back to Trump’s involvement in WWE events and Linda McMahon’s tenure in Trump’s Cabinet.

However, sources close to McMahon stress that their discussions do not revolve around legal matters, indicating that Trump does not offer legal counsel to McMahon.

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