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3. JBL Thinks Jinder Mahal Is A Future WWE Champion

On a recent edition of “Bring It To The Table” show on the WWE Network, Corey Graves & former WWE Champion JBL discussed Jinder Mahal’s sudden rise into the main event scene on SmackDown Live.

Below is what JBL had to say about Jinder:

“Jinder Mahal now has the keys to the car and it’s up to him. It’s either sink or swim. I think this is a one-shot deal for Jinder, but he has got the opportunity and that is all that is important.

Jinder has got himself in shape. He has earned this opportunity and I am pulling for him to have a hell of a match with Randy Orton. It all hinges on this match and I hope that he delivers. He’s there with one of the best of all time in Randy Orton and I think he will. And I think he’s a future WWE Champion. I don’t know if it happens at the next pay-per-view, but I think he has done a fantastic job.”

Below is what Cory said about Jinder:

“Jinder’s a guy who got released from WWE from being part of 3MB. All three members of 3MB, Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre is now back in NXT, they’ve all kind of reinvented themselves, they’re all on a different career path. Who knows? I definitely wouldn’t have picked Jinder to be the breakout star of the group, but we’ll find out at Backlash if maybe that’s what’s meant to be.”

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