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13. Christian Reveals Which Veteran He Banned From Travelling With Him In His Rental Car

During a recent episode of “Table For 3” on the WWE Network, Kurt Angle, Edge & Christian (Team ECK) had a very interesting conversation.

During the conversation, current Raw veteran Rhyno came up when Angle noted that Edge, Christian & Rhyno were in his list of top 50 Hall of Fame inductors. Edge had the following to say about this:

“Rhyno should never be in the top 50 of anything besides having a large a$$. Worst travel partner ever.”

After this, Christian revealed a story of how Rhyno is banned from travelling with him:

“He’s banned from my rental car for life, by the way. Yep. It’s a long story, so basically what happened, we were riding together. We had a show coming up, a Michigan loop, so he lived in Dearborn Heights. So I call him, saying, ‘hey, what time are you picking me up?’ He goes, ‘no, no, I can’t pick you up.’ I’m like, ‘why not?’ He says, ‘because I have Edge and Baldy (Prince Albert) coming with me.’ And I was like, ‘Baldo?’ He’s like, ‘when did this happen?’ ‘Oh, he just called me and said that you live there, so I’m picking him up.’ I was like, ‘okay, I guess I’ll get my own car then’ and he was like, ‘well, you’re not mad?’ I was like, ‘nope, I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.’ So I hung up and we got to the town and he goes, ‘you’re not mad at me, are you?’ I said, ‘I’m not mad, but here’s the thing, any rental car, you’re banned from riding with me for life.’

He was like, ‘why would you say that?’ and I was like, ‘let me put it to you this way. If we had a loop here and you’re flying into Tampa and we’re going around Florida, I wouldn’t say, ‘oh, Tajiri, a guy I’ve never driven with before, I’ll call you up and be like, ‘jump in my car’ and leave you behind.”

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