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Velveteen Dream’s Accuser Claims WWE Never Contacted Him For Investigation

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• Old School WCW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW Veteran nWo Sting (Real name: Jeff Farmer) turns 58 today.

When he first joined WCW in 1993, he was called ‘Lightning’, one half of the Tag Team ‘Thunder and Lightning’, but in 1995 he was repackaged as Gulf War Veteran ‘Cobra’.

Jeff’s most famous gimmick was born at the ‘WCW Fall Brawl 1996’ PPV, when he portrayed Sting, but it was revealed that he was a bogus Sting, hired by the nWo to make it look like the real Sting (Steve Borden) had attacked Luger in the parking lot a few days earlier.

From that day forward, the fake Sting became a regular member of the New World Order faction on WCW TV, before jumping ship to WCW’s Japanese partner promotion NJPW, where he wrestled as a member of nWo Japan.


• Velveteen Dream’s Accuser Claims WWE Never Contacted Him For Investigation

After being off TV for two months, Velveteen Dream returned to NXT this past Wednesday to compete in the Triple-Threat match for an opportunity in the North American Championship Ladder match at NXT TakeOver XXX.

Dream had been accused of sexual harassment by Josh Fuller, who now took to Twitter to comment on Dream’s return to NXT. Fuller claims that WWE never contacted him for investigation.

Below is what he wrote:

“It’s a really sh*tty feeling that I feel like I can’t say the things I want to about everything because of fear over my wrestling career. That shouldn’t be 

In retrospect I’m glad I didn’t share things anonymously because it wouldn’t have had the same impact but the paranoia that comes with everything really f**kin sucks

I’m doing okay though, I’m just really really mad that this sh*t’s just being tolerated and trying to be swept under the rug like it never happened

The only things really pissing me off from social media are the people claiming that it was clearly investigated when there’s no proof or statement that ever was the case. Myself or anyone else involved weren’t contacted by anybody to my knowledge

And also the people trying to make this like an AEW vs NXT thing look real dumb lmao miss me with that sh*t. Bad stuff is still bad, stop comparing situations to each other

ALSO anyone claiming I’m coming forward about things for clout, I don’t understand the logic behind that whatsoever. I have literally no personal gain and everything to lose by speaking up about things.

My morals come before wrestling and they always will. This is way bigger than me.

I’m not sure if I’ll keep rambling about it but I just want to say above anything, I never chose to speak out because of myself. It was completely over the kids he sexually harassed and the fact that the internet tried to turn them into the bad people. Be sorry for them, not me.”

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