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Video Of Bron Breakker Sneaking Into RAW After Suspension

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day, involving Bron Breakker and Roman Reigns.

• On this week’s RAW, Ricochet told Adam Pearce that he wants Bron Breakker after Bron assaulted him last week. Pearce said Bron isn’t here because he suspended him for last week’s action. Pearce booked Ricochet vs. Ilja Dragunov instead.

Ricochet defeated Ilja Dragunov via DQ after Bron Breakker interfered and speared Ricochet.

Ilja went after Breakker, but Breakker speared him too. Adam Pearce came out and shouted at Bron, but Bron didn’t care.

You can watch Breakker sneaking into RAW below:

As we noted yesterday, Pearce has tripled Breakker’s fine.

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• Former WWE Champion Roman Reigns was recently spotted training with Kai Greene, who is considered by many as the best bodybuilder to have never won Mr. Olympia.

You can watch it below:

Here’s what Greene wrote about his training session with The Tribal Chief:


Keep pushing, keep dreaming, and never let self doubt or fear get in the way. This is your journey, the pursuit of greatness is within grasp… all you have to do is go out there and earn it.

HUGE shoutout to Roman Reigns for tagging me in on this training session!

Believe In Yourself

Trust Your Process

Thoughts Become Things”

Kai Greene came 2nd in the 2012, 2013, and 2014 editions of the IFBB’s Mr. Olympia. In 2016, he won the Arnold Classic.

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