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Vince McMahon Buried AEW In Front Of Advertisers

Vince McMahon

• Old School WCW Manager Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WCW Manager Sonny Onoo (Real name: Kazuo Sonny Onoo) celebrates his 57th birthday today.

Most Old School Wrestling fans remember Sonny Onoo as a manager, who worked for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling from 1995 till 1999.

Onoo managed several WCW Wrestlers, such as Bull Nakano, Masahiro Chono, The Último Dragón, The Great Muta, Akira Hokuto, Ernest Miller.

After he was fired from WCW, he launched a lawsuit against AOL Time Warner (WCW’s parent company at that time), which was settled out of court.


• Vince McMahon Buried AEW In Front Of Advertisers

During the second quarter financial call, Vince McMahon revealed that they’re planning to bring some changes to WWE programming and also took a shot at AEW.

Below is what Vince said:

“We just haven’t come anywhere close, actually, to going to another level.

There will be something we do in terms of a direction of content — more controversy, better storylines, etc. — but at the same time, we’re not gonna go back to the Attitude Era, and we’re not gonna do blood and guts and things of that nature, such as being done on perhaps a new competitor.

We’re not gonna go back to that gory crap that we graduated from.

I can’t imagine TNT will put up with that.”

Dave Meltzer addressed Vince’s comments during Wrestling Observer Radio and said the following:

“At the stock conference on Thursday, Vince was trying to categorize them as blood and guts wrestling. The belief in the advertising community is that Vince was trying to bury them with that they are doing that wrestling that you’re not supposed to advertise on.

Some people say that’s a dirty trick, but that’s Vince. You’re in a war with Vince, that’s what Vince is gonna do. People in the advertising community that talked to me: ‘What a dirty trick.’

But it’s a wrestling war, yea in the real world, that’s a pretty low trick but it’s a wrestling war and both sides are gonna have to figure out.

That’s how Vince is gonna react. Some people think it was telling that he even brought it up in that realm but he was kind of asked about it too.”

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