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Vince McMahon Could Invest In WWE Hall Of Famer’s Promotion

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Former WWF/WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s recent actions have stirred speculation about his future in the wrestling world.

Vince, currently entangled in a s*xual trafficking lawsuit, has been making significant stock sales in TKO Group Holdings, fueling rumors of a grand plan post his WWE departure.

On a recent episode of ‘The Brand’ podcast, former WWF writer Vince Russo floated the idea of McMahon orchestrating a ‘revenge tour’. Russo suggested that McMahon might funnel his resources into Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Entertainment, potentially rejuvenating the Global Force Wrestling brand.

Russo highlighted McMahon’s substantial stock sales as a potential indicator of his intent to amass capital for a significant venture. With Jarrett’s track record for seizing business opportunities, Russo’s theory proposes McMahon could be gearing up to invest heavily in Global Force Wrestling, potentially posing a challenge to WWE’s dominance.

Here’s what the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion had to say:

“He is setting up for ‘the Vince McMahon revenge tour’. I’m telling you, bro. I had another conspiracy because, bro, come on, I gotta tell you something, Al (Snow). Yesterday, there was a big news story that our good friend JJ, Oh, Global Force Entertainment.

Bro, if there’s one guy to call – Vince McMahon. Jeff Jarrett takes advantage of every freaking business opportunity. When I saw Global Force, I’m like, bro, Vince McMahon is gonna sink $2 billion into Global Force Wrestling, bro.”

As McMahon navigates the legal proceedings of the lawsuit, wrestling enthusiasts await confirmation of whether his rumored ‘revenge tour’ will materialize, potentially reshaping the landscape of professional wrestling.

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