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Vince McMahon Facilitating a Real Life Break-Up Between Rusev & Lana ?

Lana breaking up with Rusev in WWE storylines has been a hot topic as of late. Some reports are suggesting that Vince McMahon broke the couple on WWE TV to facilitate a real-life breakup.

This is because Vince McMahon feels that someone like Rusev shouldn’t be able to get a girl like Lana. Some people feel that history will repeat itself and the history says that the couple who breakup during storylines also breakup in real life.

It’s also common for the “new squeeze” (Dolph Ziggler in this scenario) to become the real life “new squeeze.” It’s an occupational hazard in both Hollywood and Pro-Wrestling.

The last time they did something like this, CM Punk ended up marrying AJ Lee, Daniel Bryan married Brie Bella & Stephanie McMahon married Triple H.

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