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Vince McMahon Has Been In A “F*ck It” Mood

Vince McMahon Angry WWF Attitude Era

• Old School WWF Legend Celebrates His Birthday

Old School World Wrestling Federation Legend Kane (Real name: Glenn Jacobs) turns 53 today.

He also used to play the roles of Bruiser Mastino (WCW), Unabomb (SMW), Isaac Yankem, DDS (WWF) & Fake Diesel (WWF) before they found a character for him that would make him famous and gave him a 20+ year run with the company: “The Big Red Machine” Kane.

In storyline, Kane was the lost brother of The Undertaker, brought to the World Wrestling Federation by Paul Bearer to go after his kayfabe brother, but a few years later they eventually started teaming up as The Brothers of Destruction.

He’s currently the mayor of Knox County (Knoxville, Tennessee) but will still return to the WWE every now and then.


• Vince McMahon Has Been In A “F*ck It” Mood

It’s been a tough year for everyone around the world due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Things are no different for the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon.

Although McMahon has remained firm in running his business, he still suffered a lot due to the pandemic. The biggest WWE event of the year, WrestleMania, was held without any audience. There have been no fans at WWE events for 2 months.

McMahon also restarted the XFL this year, which was doing pretty good in its second run. However, it only lasted a few months until McMahon filed for bankruptcy for the league.

On SmackDown, he came out to celebrate Triple H’s 25th anniversary with WWE, and ended up roasting his son-in-law. He even mentioned some of the worst segments in WWE history, which is not a thing he usually does.

His mood has been a “running joke” reportedly among the talent.

WrestleVotes asked their source about McMahon’s actions on SmackDown, and the reply they received wasn’t a surprise.

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