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Vince McMahon On If It’s Easy For Him To Release Wrestlers From WWE

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• Vince McMahon On If It’s Easy For Him To Release Wrestlers From WWE

During his appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, Vince McMahon was asked if the decision to release wrestlers is based on his personal preference.

Below is what the WWE CEO said:

“It’s not personal, it’s business. Once I took the company public, it helped me be a better businessman because prior to that I was running the business mostly with my heart.

These decisions are so damn tough when you do that because you know who it is, he has kids, this that and the other or someone has cancer in the family or all that computes in your head.

Once you’re a public company, now you owe stockholders. It is the business then. So, it helps me make easier and better business decisions. My heart, there’s still some of it in there, but at the same time, it’s business and there’s nothing personal about it in terms of whether I like somebody or don’t like someone or whatever.

Athletes, maybe more so in our type of business, when they’re not given the opportunity, or even if they are and it doesn’t work, people from all walks of life seldom look in the mirror and say, ‘You know what, I’m the guy who f**ked up. It was on me.’ Instead, everyone has a million excuses as to why things didn’t work.

Generally speaking, the heat has to go someplace, the old blame game, and I’m the bad guy. That’s part of the job.”

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