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Vince McMahon Once Pi–ed On Ric Flair’s Hotel Bed

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There are so many stories out there about long-time WWF/WWE owner Vince McMahon, both good & bad, but did you know that he was also into pranking / ribbing other people?

Mr. McMahon had close relationships with many of his employees, often socializing with top wrestling stars like Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Ric Flair.

One memorable night at a San Antonio Strip Bar, Vince, along with other renowned wrestlers, arrived at a party in an intoxicated state.

The party turned chaotic, with some wrestlers playfully using their signature moves on Vince. They later decided to continue the celebration at Ric Flair’s hotel suite, but Flair was absent.

Vince McMahon, without hesitation, obtained the key to Flair’s room from the hotel reception. Following Curt Hennig’s idea, instead of using the restroom, they decided to urinate on Ric Flair’s bed as a way of getting back at him, and Vince McMahon participated in this act.

Here’s what WWF Legend Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart had to say about this incident during an interview with ‘Inside The Ropes’:

“I remember, I don’t know how they got in, I think it was Curt Hennig to be honest, whenever someone had to go to the bathroom, they started peeing on the king-size bed in Flair’s room, and somehow it was to get back at Ric Flair. I’m not sure how.

It was like a rib. Everybody would pee. There would be like four or five guys peeing on the bed. Everybody peed on the bed. I remember Vince McMahon peed on the bed, and I don’t know whatever happened, but I know Vince paid for everything.”

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