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Vince McMahon Reveals How Long He Plans To Live

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While being interviewed on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle revealed that Vince McMahon once told him that he desires to live until he’s 120 years old.

Here’s what Angle said:

“When I came back to WWE, he said ‘I’m gonna have this company for a lot longer than you think, Mr. Angle. I’m 73 right now. My mom lived to be 101. I’m planning on living till I’m 120’.

He said ‘I’m never letting the company go. I’m always gonna be working here. They’re gonna have to pull it from my cold… pry it from my cold, dead hands’.”

While Vince told Kurt that he’ll never let go of WWE, he is actually hinting at leaving WWE and TKO Group Holdings, according to regulatory filings.

The new TKO entity has registered McMahon’s shares for sale, allowing him to avoid the lockup period for other TKO stockholders. McMahon currently holds 28.84 million TKO shares valued at $3 billion.

The filing also states that McMahon and two other TKO executives “will be selling stockholders”.

TKO’s regulatory filing states:

“Vince McMahon’s membership on our Board could expose us to negative publicity and/or have other adverse financial and operational impacts on our business. His membership also may result in additional scrutiny or otherwise exacerbate the other risks described herein. Any of these outcomes could directly or indirectly have adverse financial and operational impacts on our business.”

The LA Times reports that depending on the potential findings in the ongoing government investigations into payments made during the hush money scandal, Vince McMahon could face criminal and/or civil liabilities that could prevent him from serving as an officer or director of a public company, as well as a clawback of any “ill-gotten gains”.

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