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Vince McMahon Tried For Over 10 Years To Get John Madden To Work WrestleMania

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• Vince McMahon Tried For Over 10 Years To Get John Madden To Work WrestleMania

Legendary NFL Coach John Madden passed away earlier today at the age of 85.

WWF Veteran Bruce Prichard once revealed on his podcast that Vince McMahon tried a lot (for over 10 years) to get Madden to work as a Color Commentator at WrestleMania, but it didn’t happen.

Here’s what Prichard said:

“John Madden was the color guy for CBS at the time and his manager or assistant manager was a friend of mine. John Madden was a big time wrestling fan. He was a bigger Bobby Heenan fan than anything.

John loved the business and Vince had been trying to get John I believe to WrestleMania III, to come in and do color commentary for WrestleMania. We tried it for every single year up until 98, 99 when we stopped trying because it just wasn’t going to happen.

But John was afraid of planes and he would only travel in his big motor coach, big bus that he had. So it just never could materialize but I remember his manager gave me a call one day and said, ‘What do you think if for the All-Madden team we never had a manager, and John would like to have Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan be the manager for the All-Madden team.’ And I thought that was pure genius and threw it by Vince, threw it by Bobby, they both loved it.

To this day I think I’ve got somewhere, not readily available, but pretty sure that I have my John Madden All Madden team swag with the jacket, some of the shirts and the ball cap from that game.”

† R.I.P. John Madden

April 10, 1936 – December 28, 2021

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This episode was pre-taped from the Center Stage Theatre Center in Atlanta, Georgia and featured matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW Starrcade 1991’ PPV.

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