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Vince McMahon’s Latest Move Related To TKO Revealed

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving Vince McMahon and CM Punk.

• Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has once again made headlines with his recent sale of TKO shares, adding nearly $100 million to his coffers. Over a span of 20 days this month, McMahon sold 3.5 million shares to an undisclosed bank, as revealed in SEC filings made public on Thursday.

This marks the third time McMahon has made significant stock sales since November.

In the initial sale, he offloaded approximately 30% of his TKO shares, totaling 8.4 million shares, for a staggering $700 million.

The second sale, which occurred earlier this month, involved McMahon selling 25% of his remaining stock for $408 million.

In total, McMahon has accumulated over $1.2 billion from these sales. While the reason behind these extensive divestitures remains unknown, it raises questions about his intentions with the substantial funds.

According to the filing, McMahon still retains ownership of 11.5 million TKO shares, valued at nearly $1 billion based on the current share price of $86.41 as of the market’s close on Thursday.

McMahon’s departure from his role as TKO executive chairman in January garnered attention, particularly in light of allegations of $ex trafficking and $exual assault levied against him in a lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant.

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• During their promo segment on RAW, CM Punk talked about Drew McIntyre calling himself The Chosen One, but asked who gave him that nickname.

Since Vince McMahon gave Drew that nickname and WWE doesn’t mention Vince anymore due to the lawsuit, Punk dared Drew to say Vince’s name if he has the balls.

You can watch it below:

According to PWInsider, there was no backstage heat on Punk for trying to get Drew to mention Vince on LIVE TV:

“Multiple sources indicate Punk wasn’t in trouble for veering into territory that related to the now-disgraced former WWE leader, Vince McMahon.

Instead, because of how he steered away from it adeptly after a few seconds while still getting the impact he was looking for as a ‘controversial comment’, it was seen as a slick comment that enhanced the tone they were going for.”

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