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Vince Russo Claims That Goldberg Refused To Lose To WCW Main Eventer

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Vince Russo was recently interviewed as a guest on Kevin Nash’s ‘Kliq This’ podcast, where the former WWF/WCW writer claimed that Bill Goldberg once refused to do the job for Scott Steiner.

Here’s what Russo had to say:

“The most difficult person for me to work with in all three companies, bro it was Goldberg. Because he just believed it.

I’ll never forget bro, I needed Goldberg to do a job for Scott Steiner. Goldberg actually said to me, ‘Vince, if this were real, Scott Steiner would not beat me’. And I said, ‘Okay Bill, he is right over there. You go tell Scott Steiner that. Go tell Scott that and see what Scott says’.

So bro, Brad Segal had to actually fly in Bill Goldberg and his attorney. Brad Segal, the head of TBS and TNT, had to fly them in to tell Goldberg you’re doing a job to Scott Steiner.”

Obviously you have to take everything Vince Russo says with a grain of salt, but if at least a little bit of what he said here happens to be true, the match he talks about is most likely the co-main event of the WCW Fall Brawl 2000 pay-per-view, which featured the only time in history that Big Poppa Pump ever defeated Goldberg in a singles match.

Their only other singles match in 1999 was won by Bill Goldberg.

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