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Vince Russo Critical Of Shane McMahon’s Insane Hell In A Cell 2017 Bump, Says Someone Is Going To End Up In A Wheel Chair If They Keep Raising The Bar In Hell in a Cell Matches

Shane McMahon

During a recent edition of Vince Russo’s “The Brand” podcast, Russo talked about the Hell In A Cell 2017 main event between Shane McMahon & Kevin Owens. Russo was critical of Shane O’Mac taking insane bumps at the age of 47 and said the following:

“I love Shane McMahon. I care very deeply about Shane. I don’t know Kevin Owens. I know Kevin Owens has a family. I know Kevin Owens talks very dearly about his son. So I’m watching this match and even going into this match. I know Shane raises the bar …and raises the bar ….and raises the bar, but Shane is not 30 years old anymore.

Shane is in his late 40s and I don’t care if Shane thinks he’s 15 in his brain. He’s not, bro. He’s a 40 plus year old man. He’s got a beautiful family he’s got his whole life ahead of him, bro. Hey, I hate this. I’ll be honest with you. It makes me sick to my stomach.

Don’t get me wrong. The WWE is doing everything for it to be safe. I’m not saying that. I’m sure they rehearsed this thing. Everybody was safe. But bro, fighting on top of that cage for so freaking long and then the bumps, you know, and thank God bro both bumps look clean nobody got hurt but the bumps off the top…. this is a freakin’ work. Like this is a freakin’ work.

These aren’t freaky professional stuntmen no matter what they may think in their minds. Bro I’m gonna tell you something. Here’s what’s gonna happen. The more they try to… you know… top the bar because obviously the animals in the arena don’t care. You know, they’re chanting “This is awesome…This is awesome…This is awesome” because they want to see somebody break their neck.

So obviously they don’t give a crap. I do, because these are human beings. These guys have families. This is a work bro, okay. This isn’t a freakin’ stunt show. I never saw Bruno take a bump from the top of the cage. I never saw Hogan fall from the top of the cage. This is a freakin’ work.

And Vito, let me tell you right now what’s gonna happen. Keep raising the bar… keep raising the bar…. keep raising the bar, something is gonna go horribly wrong one time and somebody’s gonna end up in a freaking wheel chair.

This is not entertainment to me. I’m not enjoying this. I’m just hoping and praying somebody doesn’t get freaking hurt. I know it’s a work, bro. I was in the business for 25 years but I also know that they are increasing the risk in these matches.”

ECW Legend Taz Impressed With Hell In A Cell 2017

Below is what former ECW, WCW, WWE & TNA Superstar “Big” Vito LoGrosso said about the match during the podcast:

“Did he (Shane) get tired out there? I saw it in his face. He took his time. He paced himself. He could still do the garbage can across the ring. When he went up there and took the bumps on the cage, hey it was carefully done. It was precaution. It was safe. Now, Kevin Owens is trying to get over as monster here, trying to be hanged there.

There’s not gonna be another Shane McMahon. There’s not going to be anybody to raise the fall. How many more Hell in a Cell does Shane McMahon have? I’m telling you I think it’s only gonna be maybe one or two before he realizes what you’re saying – “I’m a family man. I’ve got to really cut this out. I already survived the plane crash. I can only survive so many Hell in a Cell crashes before it takes a toll on your body”.

Like you said, you never know you slip your fall, you get an edge, you catch the edge of a table, the edge of the stairs, you cut your face open….something can happen.

As far as the finish of the match, I thought it was a great finish not to beat both men and to have a run in by Sami Zayn because it definitely took the crowd by surprise. You know… Kevin Owens has been effective in a pair like when he was with Jericho. I think as a single it kind of fizzled out.

They had to bring Shane McMahon to elevate him and I think that Kevin Owens in a pair with Sami Zayn will do great business for the SmackDown brand. Because let’s face it. So many guys can only carry the ball. I’m not saying that Kevin Owens didn’t carry the ball, but he’s better equipped to work with a partner. Not being a tag team, but to have a sidekick.

As far as Shane McMahon goes like you said Vince, you know him personally – I know him personally, he has a love for the business. His father does push him and expect him to do two great things to represent the McMahon family. He puts him in these different positions and he’s obligated and he has to fulfill it. And at the end of the day everybody wants to be safe.

But as well as you know there’s a lot of pride in the McMahon family and when it comes to doing these things on the pay-per-view, they like to stand out. They want to prove they’re the best and superior to everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re right in the show, you’re empty and trash.

If your last name is McMahon, you’re gonna be the star to show. And that’s what happened tonight Shane McMahon represented the McMahon family. He did an excellent job. Nobody was a loser guys. I repeat it nobody was a loser. Both guys won.”

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