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Vince Russo Talks About Current Wrestlers Needing To Hit The Gym, Talks About The Time When Bodies Were A Part Of The Presentation

Dean Ambrose

During a recent appearance on X-Pac’s 12360 podcast, Vince Russo discussed the look of the current WWE wrestlers and talked about how most of them look like regular guys and only a few of them actually look like wrestlers.

Russo made valid points while speaking about the physical look of wrestlers and below is what he said:

“Today’s roster, these guys look like my next door neighbor. You wouldn’t recognize them in an airport. They look like regular fricken guys.

Dean Ambrose Skinny

I’m watching WrestleMania X today and bro all these fricken guys, every guy on the show looks tremendous. The body on Curt Hennig, the body on Roddy Piper, you know what I mean. Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, the list goes on and on. Bro, this is what I do know. When I was in the wrestling business, steroids or no steroids, these guys were in the gym every single day. It was a religion to them, their bodies were part of the presentation and whether they were on steroids or not, they were fricken working out at a gym, on the road, never missed a beat.

Chris Jericho jacked

I look at this roster today and you can’t tell me these guys go to a gym. They don’t look the fricking part and to me, if you don’t look the part I’m not going to believe it. It’s unbelievable to me.”

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