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Was Nailz Really Touched Inappropriately By Vince McMahon?

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• Was Nailz Really Touched Inappropriately By Vince McMahon?

In 1992, WWF Superstar Nailz confronted Vince McMahon about his SummerSlam 1992 pay-check, while The Berzerker was watching the door.

Nailz proceeded to legitimately attack McMahon and even tried to strangle him, but once the fight was broken up, the man formerly known as AWA Wrestler ‘Mr. Magnificent’ Kevin Kelly knew he would be fired from the World Wrestling Federation, so he instantly (falsely) accused Vince of touching him inappropriately.

Keep in mind that earlier that year, the F.B.I. started 2 investigations against the WWF regarding both the s*x scandal and the steroid scandal, so Nailz probably thought it was a good plan to accuse the promoter of trying to harass him, in order to sue the company afterwards. Unfortunately for Nailz, all charges were eventually dropped.

In 2018, WWE Hall of Famer ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund recalled this incident from Vince’s office by saying the following:

“I heard a lot of screaming and shouting. I think it opened up with ‘Are you kidding me? You’ve given Big Boss Man $25,000 and given me $8,000? Take this check back!’. And then it got into a squabble. Nailz was wrong on that. That was the end of the road for him.”

In his 2007 book ‘Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling’, WWF Legend Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart described the incident with the following words:

“Nailz cornered Vince in his office and yelled at him for about 15 minutes. He was clearly out of his mind, very angry. He said he was tired of lies and things like that. Suddenly there was a loud noise. Nailz was strangling him violently.

Blackjack Lanza was the first to enter, and I remember him screaming at me to come in to help him. Slaughter and a couple more agents were there.

When they were separated, Nailz did not resist and left before the police arrived and charged. I believe he strangled him very, very hard. He passed him out. I think if no one had entered the room… who knows what might have happened.”

During an episode of their weekly ‘Something To Wrestle With’ podcast from a few years ago, Bruce Prichard (fka Brother Love) and his co-host, Ric Flair’s son-in-law Conrad Thompson, discussed the infamous incident as well.

Here’s what they had to say…

Conrad: “There’s rumor and innuendo out there that Nailz accused McMahon of $exual assault, or whatever the case might be. Give me some.”

Bruce: “Well, they had a big argument. Earl Hebner witnessed the thing through the door because it was heated, and it was loud.”

Conrad: “Wait, wait, wait. There was no wait, wait, stop. Stop. Earl Hebner witnessed it through the door. It was heated and loud. Yeah, I asked if there was a $ex incident and you said Earl watch.”

Bruce: “You liked what you liked the way that you liked the way that I phrased all that? See, I saved that for the payoff that no, there was no $exual harassment or touching of any way, shape or form. It was a heated argument with Nailz doing a lot of yelling and screaming and and then lunged. It vents. Choking him, kind of tumbling over. Tumbling his a$$ over the kettle in his chair.”

Conrad: “Allegedly, doesn’t Nailz start screaming when people start to come in the room? He touched my d*ck or something like that.”

Bruce: “I have no idea. I wasn’t there for it, so I don’t know. But I don’t know.”

Conrad: “The way I hear it, when people start coming in the room, he starts screaming ‘He touched my d*ck, he touched my d*ck!’ Which is just only in wrestling.”

Bruce: “Only in wrestling folks, but Goddamn, only in the WWF. Who knows when we’ll talk about Nailz again.”

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