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WCW Jobber Reveals To Chris Jericho That He’s Not Dead

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Old School WCW Jobber The Gambler (Real name: Jeff Gann) was recently interviewed by Chris Jericho on an episode of the ‘Talk Is Jericho’ podcast.

A few weeks ago, many websites reported that he passed away, but they soon deleted such articles after word got out that it wasn’t actually him who passed away, but some unknown independent wrestler, who sometimes used the same ring name.

Chris Jericho, who wrestled the WCW Jobber when both worked for Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling, also assumed it was him, and sent out the following Tweet on June 8th:

“Heard The Gambler #JeffGann passed away. I want to thank him for saving my career.

In 1996 early in my #WCW tenure, I had no confidence that I could make it in the big leagues.

Then Jeff guided me through a basic but good match & got me on track. THX JEFF!”

Here’s what Jeff Gann told Y2J on the podcast, in order to clear things up:

“To my knowledge, there was a gentleman by the name of Russell Stallings that was using the name Gambler.

He’s the one that passed away. Condolences to his family.

It’s a sad thing, but I’m glad it wasn’t me.”

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