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WCW Legend Defends Goldberg – Says Wrestling Business Is Not About Who’s The Best Wrestler

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On a recent edition of his weekly ‘Hall of Fame’ podcast, Booker T defended fellow WCW Legend Bill Goldberg, after Matt Riddle previously took shots at the legendary 173-0 streak holder.

Riddle – who was released from his WWE contract on September 22nd 2023 – used to criticize Goldberg for missing technical pro wrestling skills and usually performing shorter matches.

Here’s what Booker T said in defense of Bill:

“I mean, because Goldberg has made a lot of money in this business, for the business. He sold out arenas, something that I don’t think Riddle has done yet in his career. He’s a guy that was a major, major star as far as movies and television as well. I wouldn’t say movies, but television, he’s done both.

So Goldberg’s a big deal. He’s a big deal. And did he get his flowers like every other wrestler did? No, he didn’t. Did an opportunity knock for Goldberg, and he took it? Yes, he took it. Is Goldberg the greatest wrestler of all time? Of course he isn’t. Should he be criticized for that? I think not because that’s not what this business is about.

That’s what MMA is about, as far as the guy being the best fighter. That’s not what the wrestling business is about because it’s entertainment. Sometimes, the best wrestlers aren’t the guys making the most money. Okay? Just you think Roman Reigns is better than, you know, some of the of these guys’ favorites like Kenny Omega?

Because they look at those guys from two totally different perspectives. Roman Reigns is an entertainer. He’s a superstar. Kenny Omega is one of the best wrestlers in the world. Okay. Do we look at these guys? Of course, we do. Just the way the business is. And you got to look at it that way all the time.”

On a 2022 episode of ‘WWE Smack Talk’, Booker T said the following about their time together in Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling:

“Goldberg came in he was like on his own island. A lot of guys, they pretty much despise Goldberg in a lot of ways for getting that push, that lottery ticket. Me personally, I like Goldberg, but Goldberg was a guy that was on a mission, on a mission to conquer this business and he didn’t take anybody with them. It was all about Goldberg at that time.”

During the famous Monday Night Wars, WCW Originals Goldberg and Booker T played pivotal roles in WCW’s battle against the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Goldberg’s incredible undefeated streak and explosive charisma made him a top draw for WCW, while Booker T’s athleticism and charisma helped him become a standout performer.

Their contributions added significant firepower to WCW’s roster as they clashed with WWF in an epic wrestling rivalry that defined an era.

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