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WCW Veteran Once Shot His Father (Details)

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WCW Veteran Buff Bagwell has led a tumultuous life, documented in the latest episode of VICE TV’s Dark Side of the Ring.

From his days as part of WCW’s nWo to his brief stint in WWF and subsequent struggles with substance abuse, Bagwell’s journey has been marked by highs and lows.

In a particularly shocking revelation, Bagwell recounted an incident from his youth when he found himself in a life-threatening situation involving his own father.

Growing up in a privileged environment, Bagwell’s relationship with his father, Steve, took a dark turn during a heated argument between Steve and Bagwell’s mother, Judy.

When Judy sought to leave the house during the altercation, Steve threatened to shoot her tire. In a desperate bid to protect his mother, a young Marcus Bagwell intervened, brandishing a gun. The situation quickly escalated, with both father and son pointing guns at each other.

Bagwell admitted:

“My plan was to kill my father.”

In the ensuing chaos, Bagwell fired five shots, one of which struck his father in the wrist, narrowly missing his heart. Despite the severity of the incident, Bagwell and his father eventually reconciled, with Steve acknowledging that Bagwell had acted in self-defense. Bagwell reflected:

“Dad called me and he goes, ‘I just want you to know you’re 100% right on what you did, you did nothing wrong, you’re protecting your mom and yourself.’

We had a rough couple years, but we’ve been best friends ever since.”

During his WCW career, Bagwell held the World Tag Team Championship on 5 occasions, with the following partners:

– 2 Cold Scorpio

– The Patriot (two reigns)

– Scotty Riggs

– Shane Douglas

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