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WCW Veteran Recovers From Heart Attack – Provides Health Update

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In July 2023, we reported that WCW Veteran Lodi suffered a heart attack after a match for an independent wrestling promotion, while driving his car.

Here’s what he told QCNews back then:

“I’m like ‘God, just don’t let me hurt anyone, because we all know how Macho Man Randy Savage died’. I was doubled over and driving one hand and trying to keep my eyes on the road. I never said I was smart but I’m hard-headed.

They showed the three major arteries. The first two were blocked at 100%. The last one, they call it the Widow Maker. If that gets blocked, you are more than likely going to die. It was blocked at 90%. It was serious. And it was scary.

Without me even questioning her, my nurse looked at me and said, you know you’re going to wrestle again. I know God was with me through all of this. I’m going to rehab and work on getting me better.”

Following the medical emergency, Lodi underwent a quintuple bypass surgery.

During a recent interview with ‘Developmentally Speaking’, he provided an update on his overall health:

“I was wrestling about an hour from home against a guy who should be on TV and he will be soon enough, his name is Lucky Ali. We were wrestling and I had a heart attack and four days later, went in for a triple bypass and they realized that they missed two blockages, so I ended up having a quintuple bypass on June 21st.

I’m recovering, getting my body back in shape, but the last time I saw my surgeon in August, he kinda tempted me a little bit. He’s like ‘You’ve recovered so well’, I heal really fast.”

Lodi (Real name: Bradley Cain) joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling in 1997 as a member of Raven’s Flock.

In 1999, he teamed up with Lenny Lane as ‘The West Hollywood Blondes’, before they had a gimmick change and their team renamed ‘Standards and Practices’.

Below is a photo of Lodi from 2018:

Lodi WCW Wrestler Veteran 2018

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