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WCW Veteran Reveals How He Convinced Hulk Hogan To Turn Heel, If He Can Help WWE With Roman Reigns’ Case


During a recent interview with Interactive Wrestling Radio, former WCW wrestler & booker Kevin Sullivan talked about the Dungeon of Doom – Hulkamania feud, how he convinced Hulk Hogan to turn heel, if he can help WWE with Roman Reigns’ case & more.

Below are the highlights:

On the Dungeon of Doom – Hulkamania feud:

“Well, that wasn’t my character driven usual person. Look at who I had. I was using guys that Hogan was comfortable with. I was using cartoonish guys he had worked with and was comfortable with. I was doing this so he would be comfortable with me because of my mind. When he first got there, I knew he wouldn’t draw money as a baby face. You’ve got to realize. I’m going to go ask Hulk Hogan who revolutionized the wrestling business to turn heel and give up all his merchandise and all his extra curricular activities that he’s making money on? Who am I?

So, I’d better make him comfortable because he’s bringing in guys that are his friends. So, why don’t I lump them together instead of putting them in every other segment? You know what I mean? There was (John) Tenta, (Brutus) Beefcake… I could go on down the line. Isn’t it better to put them all in one segment and get it over with? Wouldn’t it be? I mean, you could go to the doctor and get one shot in your ass or you could get six shots. You get it over with! But, it was strategically designed to get him comfortable with me and trust me.”

On convincing Hulk Hogan to turn heel at Bash at the Beach 1996:

“Well, I’ll tell you how I did it. We were in Chicago, Hulk came out and ‘Mean’ Gene (Okerlund) saved the night because they booed (Hogan) out of the building. Gene said, ‘This is a somber mood. You can hear the people.’ I went to him (Hogan) and said, ‘There’s no turning back now. We’ve got to turn you.’ Everybody was against it. Everybody was in his ear! That night, he brought his agent to my house. He, Hogan, stayed in my house. I drove him down the street to the event as the event started.I was going to make sure no one touched him or got to him. And, the rest is history!”

On if he can help WWE with Roman Reigns’ case:

“It is so easy. I think I could get him (Reigns) up and running in 8 weeks. To me, it doesn’t matter if they cheer him or boo him as long as it gets asses in seats. I used to think you could get a guy over just by pushing him. You can’t do that anymore. This is now. Wrestling fans are connoisseurs now. Like the cigar days or the wine craze where everybody was a connoisseur of wine. Now everybody is a connoisseur of wrestling and they’re not going to take you shoving people down their throat. I think this is a challenge that they think they’re going to win. I think they should cut their losses and turn him.”

On if he expects to ever be in the WWE Hall of Fame:

“No, I never worked for Vince McMahon Jr. There’s a guy that got inducted in their Hall of Fame there a few years ago who was actually let go from there (WWE) and was in WCW. He did an angle, he never got over. And, they put him in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame should be for guys who worked for Vince for a long time and drew money.”

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