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WCW Veteran Says WWE Has Killed Samoa Joe’s Invincibility By Having Him Not Defeat Guys Who Weigh 100 Lbs Less Than Him

Samoa Joe

During a recent edition of “The Brand” podcast, former WWE writer Vince Russo, WWE & WCW Veteran Vito LoGrasso, OVW Veteran Kenny Bolin and co-host Jeff Lane talked about last week’s episode of Raw. Below are the highlights:

On Asuka being too stiff with a jobber and some WWE wrestlers not looking good physically:

Russo: Some of those kicks to the head from Asuka to whoever that jobber was, it looked like some of those kicks to the head were a little freaking stiff. Should we be kicking anybody in the head especially when you got a strong style Japanese worker and you got literally a jobber.

I mean this girl, I don’t know who she is, she’s not on the roster now and I freaking saw kicks to the head and I’m sitting here saying – Should she really be freaking kicking this poor girl in the head?

Vito: You are on point with that concept and I’m gonna tell you what & why they’re doing this. Because of the matches they had with Emma where she didn’t assert herself over. The last two weeks with Asuka they’d been giving her enhancement talent.

It’s like target practice. She was told be stiff, go out there and get yourself over. But this is what they should have done this in her first match, second match. They should have had four weeks of this before she moved to the main talent of the roster just to build a style. They’re trying to, as I said before, hotshot her greatness in getting two weeks of jobber matches.

Russo: I’m gonna tell you something that bothers me and it’s gonna get me in trouble and I don’t give a rat’s a$$. When freakin’ Sami Zayn comes out the first thing I say is with all due respect, Sami if you’re gonna be a wrestler you need to hit the gym. At least get your mid section hard bro.

This bothers me with Asuka .I see a very flabby stomach. I see that all the time when she’s working. And you know what, maybe she’s wearing the wrong ring gear, but I noticed that every time. And if I’m gonna comment about Sami Zayn not being in the best shape he can, I’m gonna say the same thing for a female.

When Charlotte goes out there and Charlotte’s got that midriff showing, Charlotte’s ripped. Sasha Banks is ripped. I’m telling you she’s a little soft around the middle. I think that takes away too.

Kenny: I kind of agree with you there to a degree, but then again neither one of them, Shinsuke nor her have that jacked-up ripped look. I mean look at Shinsuke, I mean if you see him standing in the back you’re gonna be convinced that he’s not one of the wrestlers. So I tend to agree with you a little bit and maybe even Shinsuke probably he should cover up what he doesn’t have a little more.

Vito: WCW Vito and WWE Vito were two different Vitos, even TNA Vito. When I left WCW, I said if I’m gonna make it to the WWE my body has to be ripped and chiseled. You can’t go to a job and look flabby and out of shape and hope you’re gonna get in on your wrestling because you have to give a look.

And that’s what they look for. Whoever gave Sami Zayn this kind of push and this kind of run on TV, okay he doesn’t look like he could beat up the janitor. I’m not knocking the kid, but he should look like, he should go to the gym.

Shinsuke, he’s not doing strong style and he’s not doing his bit, so that means he has to conform to what the American style is and the American style is a little softer.

You got to look a little harder and look like you could be a Japanese Buzzsaw. At least get some muscle toned, look good, go on a diet a little bit, train a little bit different.

On Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe:

Russo: I think they did a good job in the Balor-Joe match and not making the outcome mattered. You know because these guys had a match, it was a knock-down, drag-out. Nobody went over. They brawled before drawing and after. And the whole angle was to get them on on Team Raw.

So I think they did a good job with this being able to book the match and not really having to get anybody over in the match. I think this was a good creative way to put both of those guys on the team. It didn’t really hurt anybody.

Vito: I think Vince I got to disagree with you 100%. How do you take a guy like Samoa Joe who when he came on, he was a wrecking machine before he got hurt. He went in there against Brock Lesnar, who was another wrecking machine. He came within like a second of beating Lesnar who was a monster.

And then you have Finn Balor and you have a knock-down, drag-out fight with Finn Balor. There’s a hundred pound weight difference and you can’t knock Finn Balor down after you just finished knocking Brock Lesnar down. I have a big issue with that.

They killed Samoa Joe and his invincibility. Plus it looked like he blew up. The punches they were throwing weren’t believable. They knocked Joe so far down on that match fighting Finn Bálor and I’ve been saying Finn Balor belongs at 205. How do you go from Brock Lesnar to Finn Balor?

On Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose’s promo:

Russo: Seth Rollins, here’s the problem – you got a deviated septum going or freaking something because I’m never gonna buy you as a tough guy talking through your freaking nose. You sound like an idiot. I’m never gonna take you seriously. It’s ridiculous.

Now, bro, match him with a guy who is prematurely bald and tries to be crazy and funny and is neither. Ambrose is neither crazy nor funny. He’s balding. That’s what he is. So you got a balding guy and you got a guy with a freaking nasal condition and these are your freakin’ money promo?

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