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WCW/WWF Veteran’s Cancer Is Incurable

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Old School Wrestling Veteran Black Bart wrestled for several major territories & promotions during his career, including Jim Crockett Promotions (1981-1988), Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1991), The World Wrestling Federation (1990-1991), Fritz Von Erich’s World Class Championship Wrestling (1986-1988), … and many others.

His biggest accomplishment ever was winning the WCCW World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Adams on September 19th 1986 in Dallas, Texas, before he lost it about a month later to Kevin Von Erich.

Someone close to him recently started a Go Fund Me page, that was started to cover his medical bills for his stage 4 colon cancer treatments.

The fundraiser includes the following details:

“As many of you have heard Black Bart has stage 4 cancer and we have been doing fund raisers for him. His cancer is not curable but it is manageable according to the doctors.

How long he lives with this cancer depends on the fight in him and of course how his body reacts to the treatments.

We all know those treatments can be expensive even with insurance and then there’s the extras over and above the medical treatments.

Some of his medications are not covered by insurance and other things like gas and food while out getting the treatments etc.

Things we don’t normally think about till we are using the money for them.

It is a humbling experience to have to ask for help like this and that’s one reason Bart held back and everyone has been so understanding through the whole experience and wanting to help.”

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