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“What a desperate, whiny, overrated b*tch” – WWE Hall Of Famer On CM Punk Showing Up At RAW

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• “What a desperate, whiny, overrated b*tch” – WWE Hall Of Famer On CM Punk Showing Up At RAW

CM Punk was backstage at RAW at the Allstate Arena in Chicago last Monday.

Punk reportedly asked if he could stay backstage for a few minutes and he wanted to speak to Triple H privately.

Triple H was shocked to see Punk at a WWE event after 9 years. HHH said he’d have to ask Vince McMahon to see if Punk can stay backstage, and soon he was informed that isn’t possible. Punk then shook Triple H’s hand before leaving.

It looks like one of the main reasons of Punk’s visit was to bury the hatchet with some of the guys he had issues with.

On his 83 Weeks podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff had the following to say about Punk’s backstage visit at RAW:

“What a desperate b*tch. Maybe because I have zero respect for him, like none. To me, it just came off as a desperate move for attention.

I did controversy. When controversy works in your favor, it’s great, but controversy can also have blowback. I don’t think there’s gonna be any blowback or negative reaction to this other than maybe from me, which clearly doesn’t matter.

But to me, he just comes off as a desperate little b*tch, which is really what he is. He’s a b*tch. He’s a whiny, overrated b*tch.”

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August 31, 1944 – May 1, 1999

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