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What Happened After Brock Lesnar Was Arrested For Possession Of Steroids?

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• What Happened After Brock Lesnar Was Arrested For Possession Of Steroids?

Prior to his 2016 drug test failure in the UFC, Brock Lesnar only had one public connection to PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) – his 2001 arrest.

When Brock was still in WWF’s developmental territory OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling), he was arrested for possession of steroids.

However, the lab test results showed that what Lesnar had weren’t drugs, and the felony charges were dropped 4 months later.

With his legal troubles out of the way, Lesnar went on to become “The Next Big Thing” in WWE.

Jim Ross was once asked on his podcast about Lesnar’s PED use and below is what he said:

“What do you want me to say, Conrad? Want me to throw me on the wrestling sword? I don’t know the answer, I’m with you man, but let me tell you something.

I saw his pictures, we recruited this kid for two years, man, Jerry Brisco led the way, and I supported him in every way that I could. I made the financial offers, I gave him the numbers he wanted to hear to get him to sign.

And as soon as the last day of class, which I doubt he was going to attend anyway, was over at Minnesota, he was on his way to Louisville, where he promptly became the foreman of the ring crew and drove the ring truck, because he knew how to drive a tractor and a truck, he’s worked on a farm. But the point I was going to make was, his dad was a moose.

His dad is a big, rugged, powerful man. I’m talking significant, turn your head in an airport type of guy. Thick, muscular, barrel-chested, hands look like catcher’s mitts.

So there is no doubt in my mind this kid’s got great genetics, but because he sometimes got real ripped, you gotta wonder if that was just his diet, can he do that? I can’t do it. I can’t do anything. I can’t walk by the goddamned Milky Way stand without wanting to have a candy bar.”

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On this day in 2001, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly syndicated TV show ‘WWF Jakked’ (night version) aka ‘WWF Metal’ (afternoon version).

It featured pre-taped mid-card matches on the road to the ‘WWF Backlash 2001’ PPV.

The card can be found right here:

– Grandmaster Sexay & Steve Blackman vs. Damian & Seven

– K-Kwik vs. Race Steele

– Haku vs. Doug Basham

– Essa Rios vs. Chris Michaels

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