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“What the actual f***?” – Ronda Rousey After Reading The Creative Plan Paul Heyman Sent Her

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Since her departure from WWE after her SummerSlam 2023 match against Shayna Baszler, Ronda Rousey hasn’t shied away from expressing her discontent with the company.

In her autobiography titled “Our Fight”, Rousey delves into her frustrations with WWE’s booking decisions, particularly highlighting an incident where her segment was cut short to accommodate other performers.

According to Rousey’s account in her autobiography, the segment in question involved her and Shayna, but it was significantly shortened to allow more time for The Bloodline and Seth Rollins. Rousey received a creative plan from Paul Heyman outlining her role in a backstage interview scenario.

The plan detailed a scene where two WWE Superstars would be conducting an interview while Shayna entered the women’s locker room in the background. Rousey was supposed to walk across the background during this moment, followed by noise and commotion from the locker room. Subsequently, Rousey would storm out in reaction.

Rousey expressed her frustration with the situation, particularly noting that Rollins had been given two full segments for a solo promo in the ring, and The Bloodline received a dedicated segment for a video recap. This disparity in treatment left Rousey feeling undervalued and overlooked.

Here’s what Ronda wrote:

“Heyman sent me creative’s plan the next morning. It was: Two other wrestlers will be giving a backstage interview. In the background, Shayna walks into the women’s locker room. A few seconds later, Ronda walks across the background. We hear shouting from the locker room. Ronda storms out.

What the actual f**k?” I said aloud as I read and reread Heyman’s message. This had to be a joke.

Seth Rollins was slated for two entire segments in the ring. To cut a promo. By himself.

The Bloodline had been allotted an entire segment for a video recap of their Money in the Bank match and the lead-up to it. Not a single one of them was even in the building.”

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