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When Sunny Posted Proof Of Her Night With Dolph Ziggler (Photo)

Sunny talks about her one night encounter with Dolph Ziggler in the bed Article Pic

Old School WWF Diva Sunny has said in the past she had $ex with Dolph Ziggler for 7 hours straight.

Some people claimed that she made the entire story up.

In 2017, to confirm what happened between her and Ziggler, Sunny posted a photo of Ziggler sleeping in her hotel bed.

Below is what she wrote:

“HERE you go people. Y’all want to doubt that I had my time with Dolph Ziggler. Here’s the god damn proof.

It’s a pic I took of him in MY bed at MY hotel as I was leaving for the airport the morning after our 7 hour romp.

It’s in an email that I sent to a friend of his just after the fact….. so you dirtsheets wanna call me a liar?? F*** you. Here he is in all his frizzy haired glory….”

Below is the photo of Ziggler that Sunny shared:

Sunny posts proof of Dolph Ziggler in her hotel bed (Photo)

Right now, Sunny is serving a 17-year prison sentence following a felony charge of DUI.

This legal action stemmed from an incident in March 2022, two months prior to her arrest, which resulted in the death of 75-year-old Julian Lasseter in Ormond Beach, Florida.

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