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Why AJ Styles & Rey Mysterio Got Jobber Entrances On SmackDown

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Friday’s SmackDown kicked off with the Triple Threat Match between Edge, Rey Mysterio & AJ Styles in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

On TV, the show kicked off with Edge making his entrance, while AJ & Rey were already in the ring (which is called a jobber entrance).

This was done as part of a new strategy by WWE, where they stream the opening part of the show LIVE on Social Media, in order to let the fans know that the show has begun and hope that more people tune in to watch.

AJ & Rey’s entrances were streamed LIVE on WWE’s Social Media channels.

Styles won this Triple Threat Match by pinning Edge and then went on to defeat Bobby Lashley in the main event to advance to the Finals of the tournament.

On SmackDown LowDown, Styles said he took advantage of Lashley’s injury and plans to earn the World Title at Night Of Champions on May 27th:

“Future Hall of Famer, Bobby Lashley. The guy’s a stud, we all know it. He had a kink in his armor. I took advantage of it. It is what it is. That’s how I beat Bobby Lashley.

That’s the way I prepare for everybody. If there’s a kink, I’m gonna go explore it, take advantage of it. It wasn’t easy but I did it.

And now Seth Rollins. Another difficult opponent but that’s the way I like it in the WWE. You gotta earn the championship and I will earn the World Heavyweight Championship.”

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