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Why Long Overdue WWE Hall Of Fame Inductions Might Finally Happen

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Below are some top WWE & AEW news stories of the day, involving Lex Luger and Giulia.

• According to the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon will no longer be involved in selecting WWE Hall of Fame inductees for the class of 2024. The responsibility now falls under Chief Content Officer Triple H.

While Triple H is expected to follow some established rules, such as ensuring diversity and limiting posthumous inductees, he may introduce a broader range of candidates, including those outside WWE’s traditional choices.

Notably, Triple H’s influence may bring in names that McMahon might not have considered, and it remains to be seen if controversial choices like Demolition (who were among the list of wrestlers who sued WWE) or Lex Luger will be considered under Triple H’s leadership.

Luger has a good chance of getting inducted, since he appears on WWE programs every now & then.

• As we have reported before, Triple H is trying to sign current NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion Giulia to WWE.

In an update, the Wrestling Observer reports that AEW has never made a serious play for Giulia and she’s had no conversations with AEW and is not considering them. She’ll either sign WWE or stay in Japan.

Giulia is under contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling until March 2024. The Observer noted that if Giulia is offered an NXT contract, then NJPW can match that offer. However, if WWE offers Giulia a direct main roster contract, which starts at $250,000, then that’s a lot more than what she’ll make in Japan.

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