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Why Tyler Reks Quit WWE

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In February 2021, former WWE wrestler Tyler Reks announced that he’s a woman now, as he underwent a transgender transformation.

His real name was Gabe Tuft, which was turned into Gabbi Tuft.

In an essay written for Insider, Gabbi revealed dropping 190 lbs to achieve the transformed look.

Former WWE Wrestler Tyler Reks Gabbi Tuft Has Lost 190 Pounds After Transgender Transformation

During an interview with Steve Fall of Wrestlingnewsco, Gabbi talked about the decision to quit WWE in 2012:

“Hunter had just kind of stepped in as the head of the creative department and he was taking over, it was talent development. I don’t know if they still have the talent development department, so to speak, but Hunter had just taken that over. It was his baby and you could see how creative tried to kind of interject us here and there and they’re like, ‘We got to do something with these guys. We don’t know what to do.’ So they just kept giving us little tidbits here and there, but it never led to anything.

When you look back on it, yeah, it was a cluster, but the moment I decided to throw in the towel was the moment that Hunter had taken over and gotten behind Hawkins and I.

He had pitched the whole stripper gimmick thing to us where Magic Mike had just come out, like Channing Tatum and Nash was in it. Hunter and Nash are buddies. It was like this big thing and so he just pitches the stripper gimmick to us.

Hawkins and I are like, ‘Okay, yeah’. He said, ‘Look, it doesn’t matter how you get over. Once you’re over, then we can bend and mold the characters from there, but let’s just get you guys over first’. ‘Okay, cool’.

Talked to Vince about it. Everybody loved it. Vince was just loving it, and it was after that second time, I just was like, ‘I gotta go. I can’t be here anymore’.

Like, my daughter was 8 months old. She knew I was leaving. I was gone six days a week. I cannot be a FaceTime parent. This is not for me. So that’s when I was like, ‘Hey buddy, I love you, thank you for the ride, but, today’s my last day. That was it.”

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