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Will Ospreay Is Retiring A Dangerous Move After AEW Dynasty

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Below are some highlights from the AEW Dynasty post-show media scrum.

– Will Ospreay said that he’s retiring the Storm Driver 91 move:

“It seems that Bryan got hurt on the Storm Driver and I didn’t see the doctor call. So I want to apologize on that. Obviously, within the confines of wrestling, in the ring it’s your life and mine until you see the vice of what you did.

I feel awful about this, even though 90% of the time it’s been fine, seeing the damage it has done, I’m gonna retire using the Storm Driver 91, I don’t it’s right for me to continue using it after seeing what it did to Bryan, for someone I got huge respect for.

So to see the outcome, although I’m happy everyone enjoyed the match, I’m disappointed in myself and I apologize to Bryan, AEW medics and Tony.”

– AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm took a shot at WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella for wanting to come to All Elite Wrestling:

“Nicole Garcia (Nikki Bella) thought about joining AEW when she saw Mercedes (Mone) did. You know why she didn’t? Because then she saw me and realized she can’t hold a pu$$y-scented candle to what I do. I am the one taking this company to new heights, and I don’t even try to, I’m just being me and it’s the greatest thing I could ever be. It’s the greatest thing that could happen to you too.”

– Toni Storm took a shot at WWE fans calling The Bloodline storyline featuring Roman Reigns and The Rock “cinema”:

“How long do I have to do this? Week after week, night after night, before you realize that I am the one who is transcending this business? Just because I don’t go out there and say it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Do I really have to tell you every single night, are you that thick? Too busy chasing people blithering about goosebumps and levels and storytelling and cinema. Go see a f**king movie.”

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