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Working Under Eric Bischoff In WCW Was The Worst, Says 2x WWE Hall Of Famer

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During a recent interview with ‘This Past Weekend’, 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair claimed that working under Eric Bischoff back in WCW was the worst experience for him ever.

Here’s what The Nature Boy had to say about working in WCW, when Easy E was in charge:

“Hated it. The worst. Well, I was out of sight, out of mind. It didn’t work. He kept trying to lose me.

He thought if he could take me off TV and bury me, he forgot where I’d been for 20 years, 25 years before I met him.

You don’t lose 25 years of being The Man and then all of a sudden have some dipsh*t try and put you in the back of the pack.

He beat my brains out, though. That was a big-time loss of self-confidence, period, in my life.”

Ric then also commented on politics in professional wrestling:

“When I got in the business, you were either good or you were bad. And if you were bad and they don’t like you, they beat you up really.

Beat you up right in the ring if they could. Now it’s so political. It’s awful. Jesus.

It used to be when you enjoyed it the most. And when I enjoyed it the most is when you were there, because you were that much better than the next guy or the woman with it.

Now you can be better than anybody, but it’s all… it’s sad, but you either accept it or you don’t be part of it. I’d rather be part of it and accept it.

And I don’t talk about it, and I’m not talking about any individuals. I’m just addressing the reality of our business now. It’s very political.”

Ric Flair wrestled professionally from his official debut on December 10th 1972 until his (final?) retirement match on July 31st 2022, and has won countless Titles during his long illustrious career, including 16 (official) World Titles, several Tag Team Titles and many, many other Championships.

He also won the 1992 Royal Rumble match, which is still widely considered the single best Royal Rumble match in history.

Flair was the 1st man to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame twice.

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