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8. Vince Russo Says Most WWE Wrestlers Don’t Mean Anything Due To 50-50 Booking

During a recent edition of Vince Russo’s “The Brand” podcast, Russo talked about most WWE wrestlers being lost in the shuffle due to 50-50 booking. Below is what he said:

“They aren’t putting Wyatt over. There’s a lot of guys here that are on 50-50 booking that you don’t have to worry about protecting them. You beat them so many times, they no longer mean anything. Dean Ambrose doesn’t mean anything. Dolph Ziggler doesn’t mean anything. Bray Wyatt doesn’t mean anything.

They should all mean something, but they don’t because of the way they have been booked in the past. With 50-50 booking nobody is going to get over. When Ambrose gets eliminated, who cares. The way Dolph gets eliminated, who cares. It’s too late, you dropped the ball with these talents.”

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